Elimination of Lymphatic Filariasis (ELF)

In 1997, The World Health Assembly adopted resolution, WHA 50.29, for Elimination of Lymphatic Filariasis as a global public health problem by 2020.In 2002, National Health Policy set a goal for ELF in India by 2015, further it was extended to 2017. In 2004, ELF was launched covering 202 endemic districts in 20 States/UTs. Subsequently it is scaled up to cover all the 256 endemic districts (21 States/UTs) targeting a population of about 650 million..

The twin pillars of LF elimination strategy include:

  • children below 2 years? Transmission control- To prevent occurrence of new infection by annual MDA with DEC + Albendazole for 5 years or more to population at risk except children below 2 yrs, pregnant women & seriously ill persons.

  • Disability prevention and morbidity management for those who already have the disease:
    • Home based management –limb hygiene for lymhoedema
    • Hospital based management – surgical correction for hydrocele