Government of India National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme (NVBDCP) Department of Health & Family Welfare
National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme (NVBDCP) - Government of India
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Duties of various Officer's and Staff


  1. General Administration (Personnel Gazetted and Non-Gazetted)
  2. Controller of Accounts
  3. Chief Welfare Officer
  4. Sanction of the leave of staff and officers of Headquarters and Regional Officers upto the status of Joint Directors.
  5. Will be overall in-charge of the Directorate of NVBDCP in the absence of Director, NVBDCP
  6. All the technical files/ papers should be routed through Additional Director


       He will supervise the work of following divisions of NVBDCP

  • Assessment division
  • Kala-azar & J.E. division
  • Research & Training division
  • Stratification Cell
  • Tribal Malaria Project
  • P.falciparum monitoring cell
  • To coordinate all activities with WHO/UNICEF/World Bank etc.
  • To coordinate with all State Govt. regarding technical matter of NVBDCP.
  • To coordinate and conduct Inter State , Inter Country Border meetings and T.A Committee etc
  • To assist Director in technical and other matters.
  • Any other duty assigned by Director from time to time


      1. In charge of planning section connected with (i) Budget and plan allocation for Directorate (ii) monitoring the expenditure incurred on NVBDCP and to the states/Union territories.
      2. To work out release of funds to states on 50:50 basis and take out able follow up action to finalize such settlement of plan expenditure.
      3. To monitor the staffing pattern in the states and union territories under NVBDCP and take suitable follow-up action
      4. Preparation of Parliament questions and correspondence relating to it and other subject related to Parliamentary bodies.
      5. Preparation of monthly progress report, cabinet summary and DG’s report. Preparation of WHO and external assistance and follow-up.
      6. Correspondence with states, DGHS and the Ministry on various technical matters related to the subjects mentioned above.
      7. Preparation of brief for annual plan discussion with Planning Commission.


    1. Overall in-charge of the Assessment Section
    2. Epidemiological surveillance of the programme – operations of different states.
    3. Advising the states on technical matters, to forecast possible focal outbreaks etc. and suggest remedial measures.
    4. Preparation o f the material for the periodical evaluation of the programme.
    5. Comments on various technical reports and publications
    6. Review of tour reports of officers of Regional Offices of Health and FW.
    7. To compile, collate and work out parameters for agreement of progress of NVBDCP based on information received from the states and keep the states apprised of the situation periodically.
    8. To bring out annual report of NVBDCP
    9. Any other assignment as desired by Director, NVBDCP


  1. Monitoring of Kala-azar incidence in the country except the states of Bihar and providing relevant information all concerned.
  2. To offer technical guidance to the States and UTs in case of outbreaks of Kala-azar and Japanese encephalitis.
  3. To monitor JE in the country and offer technical assistance to the states and UTs in its control.
  4. To participate in the training programme of the NICD/NVBDCP.
  5. Preparation of technical notes on J.E. and Kala-azar.
  6. To visit the states for supervision, assessment and technical guidance for Kala-azar and J.E. activities.
  7. Any other duties assigned by the Director from time to time.


  1. Supervision and coordination of work of Entomology Division including screening of entomological reports received from 72 entomological zones, state Hqrs., and Regional Offices.
  2. Supervision of work of Laboratories.
  3. Field trial with insecticides
  4. Supervision and coordination of Planning Section including Annual Plans, briefs to the
  5. Parliamentary Consultative Committee, Bureau of Planning and Ministry.
  6. Parliament questions and related matters.
  7. Liasoning for the matters related to Hindi.
  8. Any other duties assigned by the Director from time to time.


  1. Scrutiny of technical reports and reports received from the district and work out the various parameters prescribed underNVBDCP in order to judge the performance of various activities.
  2. Feed back to the districts under intimation to the State Malariologist highlighting.
  3. To participate in the training courses of PHCs, Medical Officers, which is to be organized by the State Health authorities.
  4. To assist the RD for monthly review of malaria, filarial, JE and K.A along with other health programmes as and when required.
  5. He has to tour different areas as and when required by Regional Director.


  1. Technical supervision of Central Cross Checking Laboratory and malaria clinic of Dte. of NVBDCP.
  2. Public relation and technical guidance on formulation of health education material and arranging publicity through media and laisoning with PIB.
  3. Controller of Transport .
  4. To liaison with all local health department like NICD, MRC, ICMR, NHFW etc.
  5. Any other duties assigned by Director from time to time.


  1. Inter-sectoral coordination for effective anti-malaria/ anti-mosquito operations and environment management in Delhi.
  2. To organize high level coordination meetings of the agencies involved in anti-malaria operations.
  3. To supervise, guide and cross-check the different anti malaria operations/ measures within the Union Territory of Delhi.
  4. Planning, implementation and assessment of anti-malaria operations in Delhi.
  5. Liasoning the court cases/ Administrative matters.
  6. Technical assessment of UMS
  7. Any other duties assigned by the Director from time to time.


  1. Logistics,
  2. Insecticide Lab.
  3. Stores
  4. Technical Assessment of UMS
  5. Any other duties assigned by the Director from time to time.


  1. To supervise the Insecticide Quality Control Units under the Directorate ofNVBDCP located at different units of M/s HIL and its subsidiaries.
  2. To supervise the Chemistry Quality Control Laboratory located at the Directorate of NVBDCP.
  3. To ensure that the insecticides produced by public sector undertakings are tested for quality control and conforms to the standard before dispatch.
  4. To conduct research and training in chemical procedures and techniques related to insecticide formulation and their quality control.
  5. To periodically visit the peripheral units of Quality Control under the Dte. of NVBDCP
  6. To deal with the matters related to the quality of insecticides supplied/ purchased by the State Govts.
  7. To take all follow-up actions by correspondence, personal contacts regarding replacement of sub-standard insecticides, if any.
  8. Any other duty assigned by the Director


  1. To keep track of areas in the states where organophophate/ carbonates are used as adulticide or larvicides.
  2. To collect baseline data of the operations and also the inhabitant population in respect of cholines.
  3. To carry out training of personnel in regard to precautions to be observed in application of G.P. compounds.
  4. To ensure by visits to states/ districts that the precautions are observed.
  5. To monitor the cholinesterase data of operations in householders.
  6. To carry out studies on the insecticides in order to collect data on toxicity to human and animals for submission to Central Insecticides Board.
  7. To collaborate in the studies I newer insecticides
  8. Any other duty to be assigned by the Director


  1. To assist the Dy. Director (Ent.) in monitoring of different aspects of entomological work connected with NVBDCP.
  2. To scrutinize reports received from 72 zones regarding entomological work. To put up comments for follow up action.
  3. To carry out field visit wherever necessary in connection with entomological work and research.
  4. To plan and scrutinize insecticide trial and assess its impact on vectors under the guidance of the Deputy Director (Ent.).
  5. To participate in training programme of NVBDCP personnel.
  6. Any other duties assigned from time to time by the Director.


  1. To assist epidemiologist (Kala-azar) in compilation of the information and preparation of reports, charts, diagrams etc., received from endemic states in respect of Kala-azar and Japanese encephalitis also.
  2. To undertake field visits for collection and identification of sand flies and Japanese encephalitis vectors.
  3. To train personnel for collection and identification of sand flies.
  4. To prepare protocol and scientific documents.
  5. To assist epidemiologist in monitoring the kala-azar and Japanese encephalitis in India.
  6. Any other duties assigned by the Director.


  1. To work as In-charge of laboratory which is equipped to carry out both entomological and parasitological work of Delhi area.
  2. To identify mosquito and larval collection from the field, dissection of mosquito, susceptibility studies and also to conduct entomological surveys.
  3. To look after parasitological work comprising of cross checking of blood smears examined by Delhi NVBDCP unit and other special survey status such as mass blood surveys etc.
  4. To assist the Research Officer (CCCO) who is overall in-charge of this organization.
  5. To assist Research Officer in training of technical personnel and preparation of training literature.
  6. Any other duties assigned by the Director.


  1. To assist and to take part in training of technical personnel in entomology and preparation of training material.
  2. To conduct entomological studies under laboratory and field conditions as and when required.
  3. To undertake field visits in connection with the entomological work carried out in the various zones and to give on the spot technical guidance.
  4. To undertake field visits in connection with the insecticides trial carried out in the field.
  5. To scrutinize the periodical reports received from the entomological zones and put up comments.
  6. Processing of entomological data received from the states and preparation of charts and more etc.
  7. Any other duties assigned by the Director.


  1. Supervision of work regarding scrutiny, compilation and analysis of data received from the periphery.
  2. Preparation of data for various periodic meeting.
  3. Interpretation of data and other studies on various aspects of NVBDCP/NFCP.
  4. Preparation of data for charts and maps
  5. .
  6. To participate in training course for malaria officers
  7. To assist the Asst. Director (Assessment) in preparation of annual reports and working notes for meetings and conferences.
  8. Any other duties assigned by the Asst. Director (Asstt.), Dy. Director (Med)., and Director.


  1. To assist the Dy.Director in budgeting, procurement and supply of material and equipment.
  2. To coordinate with medical stores depots regularly for stores, accounting and distribution of material and equipment.
  3. To liaise with DDT factory at Delhi and always to ensure that there is no held up of dispatches of insecticides etc.
  4. To liaise with DGSD and International Agencies for procurement.
  5. To reconcile store accounts.
  6. To watch the progress of dispatch and receipts.
  7. To issue annual sanctions for material and equipment to states for adjustments.
  8. Any other duty assigned by the Director,NVBDCP.


  • To prepare publicity material like folders, pamphlets etc.
  • To arrange publicity through Radio and T.V.
  • To arrange publicity through media like postal stationery.
  • To keep liaison with the press through PIB.
  • To get films produced.
  • Any other duties assigned by the Director.


  1. Preparation of Scientific (Bio-medical) material both for NVBDCP and NICD.
  2. Implementation of official language policy of Govt. of India.
  3. Preparation of publicity material on Malaria, Filaria, K.A., J.E. both for NVBDCP and NICD.
  4. Preparation of scientific bio medical, administration and parliamentary text.
  5. Preparation of material scientific seminars.
  6. Any other duties assigned by the Director.


  1. Training and research in chemical procedures and techniques related to NVBDCP.
  2. Quality control of insecticides manufactured at DDT plants and research in analytical procedures.
  3. To assist Asst. Director (Chemistry) to check quality control of anti-malarial drugs.
  4. Any other duties assigned by the Director


  1. To advise on anti-malaria engineering problems with special reference to irrigation, drainage towns and camp sitting programme.
  2. To undertake testing of various spray equipments.
  3. To make available specialized equipment required by research Division of NICD.
  4. To prepare charts, graphs and other data required for NVBDCP and NICD.
  5. Participation in training courses.
  6. Any other duties assigned by the Director.


  1. Drawing and Disbursing Officer on behalf of the Director, NVBDCP and all connected functions such as drawing of bills (DDT, contingency pay to the office staff) handling emp; joint custody of cash etc.
  2. Collection and consolidation of Budget Estimates under capital and revenue heads.
  3. Matters pertaining to accounts such as expenditure statements, reconciliation of accounts, appropriation accounts, after getting materials from the R.C.O. and concerned sections in headquarters.
  4. Consolidation information for issue of sanctions for distribution of materials and equipment to the states and their adjustment in accounts.
  5. Supervision over the preparation, scrutiny and submission of bills of gazetted & non-gazetted officers, such as pay, T.A., medical, tuition fees, O.T.A. claim etc.
  6. Maintenance of P.F. Accounts of Class IV staff and submission of periodical returns to DGHS etc
  7. General administrative supervision of the work of the Accounts Branch.
  8. Works as a Purchase Committee member in connection with approval of purchases to be made on behalf of the Director.
  9. All bills for payment relating to material & equipment & purchases on the capital side shall be received in the Accounts Section. Accounts Section will send the bills to Logistics Section for verification and advice for payment etc., and then arrange for payment. The bills for payment of stores etc. and then arrange for payment. The bills for payment of stores etc., debitable bills to "contingencies" will continue to be received in stores and disposed off as heretofore sections & stores will maintain suitable registers to record the receipt of all bills and watch their final disposals and to prepare outstanding bills for budget and other purposes.
  10. The scrutiny of budget proposals prepared by sections for different States, Union Territories etc.
  11. "Liability Registers:" in the prescribed form will be maintained by sections for their respective portions. Another "Liability Register" on the capital side will also be maintained by accounts for budgeting purposes. The "Eligibility Registers" of Procurement will be subject to periodical scrutiny by I/cs. In order to enable Accounts to maintain the "Eligibility Register". The Procurement sections will furnish copies of supply orders placed on HIL, DGS&D etc. (on the capital side).
  12. Any other duty assigned by the Director.


  1. To deal with all the administrative matters
  2. To deal with pension cases
  3. To look after general services
  4. To keep liaison with the Dte. General of Health Services/ Ministry of Health & Family Welfare.
  5. Any other duties assigned by the Director.


  1. Secretarial and Administrative assistance to Head of the office.
  2. Maintenance of confidential matters of Head of the office.
  3. Any other duties assigned from time to time.
Sl.No.Name of the postSanctioned strengthIn PositionVacantName of the Officer
1 Director 1 1 0 Dr. P.K. Sen
2. Addl. Director 1 1 0 Dr. (Mrs.) Aruna Jain
3. Advisor 1 1 0 Dr. A.C. Dhariwal
4. Asstt. Director (Med.) 1 1 0 Dr. Chaman Prakash (CMO)
5. Asstt. Director (Med.) (Asstts) 1 1 0 Dr. Avdesh Kumar (In-situ Addl. Director)
6. CMO/SMO 1 1 0 Dr. Nupur Roy (In-situ Addl. Director)
7. Epidemiologist (KA) 1 1 0 Dr. Rishi Kr. Jaiswal, Asst. Director
8. Asstt.Director (T&M) 1 1 0 Dr.G.S.Sonal(Insitu Additional Director)
9. Asstt.Director (T&M) 1 1 0 Dr. Sher Singh Kashyotia, SPL-Gr.IIPH
10. Asstt.Director(Ento.) 1 0 1 Vacant
11. Dy. Director (Ento.) 1 1 0 Dr. Sukhvir Singh, (Insitu Jt.Director)
12. C.C.O. 1 1 0 Dr.P.K.Srivastava (Insitu Jt.Director)
13. Dy.Director (L&A) 1 0 1 Vacant
14 Toxicologist 1 0 1 Vacant
15. Asstt.Director(Ento.) 1 1 0 Dr. S.N. Sharma (Insitu Jt.Dir.)
  Asstt.Director(Ento.) 1 0 1 Dr. Suman Lata Wattal (Insitu Dy. Dir.)
16. Asstt.Director (Chem) 1 0 1 Vacant
17. Entomologist 1 1 0 Dr. Kalpana Barua (In-situ Joint Dir.)
18. Asstt.Entomologist 1 0 1 Vacant
19. Dy.Asstt.Dir.(Asstts.) 1 1 0 Sh. K.C. Meena
20. Dy.Asstt.Director(Asstts) 1 0 1 Vacant
21. Dy.Asstt.Director(Ento) 1 1 0 Dr. R.K.Das Gupta (Insitu Jt. Dir.)
  Dy.Asstt.Director(Ento) 1 0 1 Vacant
22. Dy.Asstt.Director(St.) 2 0 2 Vacant
23. P.R.O. 1 0 1 Vacant
24. Research Officer(Chem) 1 1 0 Dr.R.L.Singh, Rasayani,
  Research Officer(Chem) 1 1 0 Sh.P.S.Rahate, Udyogamandal
  Research Officer(Chem) 1 0 1 Vacant
  Research Officer(Chem) 1 0 1 Vacant
25. Accounts Officer 1 1 0 Shri R.S. Khatri
26. Administrative Officer 1 1 0 Shri G.D. Khulbe
27. Asstt.Malaria Engineer 1 0 1 Vacant
28. Hindi Officer 1 0 1 Vacant
29. Sr. P.A. 1 0 1 Vacant
30. Malaria Supervisor 2 0 2 Vacant
31. Superintendent 1 1 0 Sh. Sanjeev Malhotra
  Superintendent 1 1 0 Ms. Madhu Bala
32. Chief Accountant 3 3 0 Mr. SS Bhoi, Mr. Puran Chand, Mr. Anil Mehta
33. SAS Accountant 1 1 0 Mr. Ved Prakash
34. Research Assistant 4 3 1 Ms. Anjana Bali, Ms. Kiran Bala, Mr. Dharam Pal
35. Malaria Inspector 6 6 0  
36. Senior Technician 22 10 12 Filling up of posts under process
37. Jr.Tech./Lab.Asstt. 4 3 1  
38. Insect Collector 22 20 2  
39. Statistical Assistant 4 2 2  
40. Store Superintendent 1 0 1 Vacant
41. Head Clerk 1 1 0  
42. Motor Mechanic (Sr.) 1 0 1 Vacant
43. Electrician 1 1 0  
44. Draftsman Mechanical 1 0 1 Vacant
45. Draftsman Ordinary 1 1 0  
46. Mechanic 2 2 0  
47. Telephone Operator 1 1 0  
48. Storekeeper 1 0 1 Vacant
49. Stenographer Gr.I 2 1 1  
50. Stenographer Gr.II 2 1 1  
51. Stenographer Gr.III 5 4 1  
52. Upper Division Clerk 20 14 6  
53. UDC/C 26 17 9  
54. Jr.Hindi Translator 1 1 0  
55. Hindi Typist 1 0 1 Requisition was already been sent to SSC
56. LDC 15 2 13  
57. Driver 5 5 0  
58. Driver-cum-Mechanic 1 1 0  
59. Cleaner 5 5 0  
60. Laboratory Attendant 2 2 0  
61. Field Worker 1 1 0  
62. Daftary 2 2 0  
63. Peon 13 11 2  
64. Chowkidar 2 2 0  
65 Safaiwala 4 2 2  
  Total 222 145 77