What are Signs & Symptoms of Kala-Azar?

  • Recurrent fever intermittent or remittent with often double rise
  • loss of appetite, pallor and weight loss with progressive emaciation
  • weakness
  • Splenomegaly - spleen enlarges rapidly to massive enlargement, usually soft and nontender
  • Liver - enlargement not to the extent of spleen, soft, smooth surface, sharp edge
  • Lymphadenopathy - not very common in India
  • Skin - dry, thin and scaly and hair may be lost. Light coloured persons show grayish discolouration of the skin of hands, feet, abdomen and face which gives the Indian name Kala-azar meaning "Black fever"
  • Anaemia - develops rapidly
Anaemia with emaciation and gross splenomegaly produces a typical appearance of the patients