Morbidity Management and Disability Alleviation
  • Morbidity Management is another pillar of strategy for ELF and states/UTs were advised on up-scaling home based morbidity management of Lymphoedema cases and Hydrocele operations. The process involved updating the line-listing of Lymphoedema & Hydrocele cases in the districts. Training and education materials detailing these strategies were provided to public health facilities at state and district levels and to 79 medical colleges in endemic areas. Motivate for surgical intervention to hydrocele cases. As per data shared by states till 2017, total numbers of Hydrocele and Lymphoedema cases are 3.9 Lakhs and 8.8 Lakhs respectively.
  • Since 2004, the states/UTs have reported 1.42 Lakhs hydrocele operations. Different states have initiated management of Lymphodema cases through demonstrating home based foot hygiene method to patients at local levels.