State Consultants
Name Post Date of Joining Mobile No. Email ID
Dr. Ralte Hruaia Consultant Public Health 13.12.2014 0389-2300437(o),0389-2300267(F), 8974188945 msvbdcp-ph@yahoo.co.in
Dr. Zochampuia Consultant Monitoring & Evaluation 13.12.2013 Off. No. 0389-2300437/ Fax: 0389-2300267/M.no. 9615578772 msvbdcp-mne@yahoo.co.in
Miss Deborah Lalpuii Consultant BCC/PPP 13.12.2014 9862440663 msvbdcp-iecbcc@yahoo.co.in
Ms. Esther Lalawmpuli Consultant Procurement and Supply Chain Management 01.10.2011 9863035178 msvbdcp-pscm@yahoo.co.in
Ms. Zonundangi Consultant Finance and Accounts 01.12.2005 9436153905 msvbdcp-fc@yahoo.co.in
Mr. B. Lalcrossengmawia Statistical Assistant 01.10.2011 9863091452 msvbdcp-stat@yahoo.co.in
Miss Laldampuii Secretarial Assistant 13.12.2013 8014162452 msvbdcp-sect@yahoo.co.in
Mr. H Lalrempuia Secretarial Assistant 02.02.2012 9862284029 msvbdcp-sect@yahoo.co.in
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