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NVBDCP officers


Dr. Neeraj Dhingra, Director, NVBDCP Name: Dr Neeraj Dhingra

Designation: Director

Qualification: MBBS, D. Orth, MD(Community Medicine)

Job Responsibility Head of Department and Programme

                           Contact No.: 91-11-23918576, 23921086(o), 20832217(PA to Director), Fax: 011-23968329


Name: Dr Arun Kumar Bansal

Designation: Additional Director

Qualification: M.B.B.S., MD

Job Responsibility: Procurement with CMSS and Urban Malaria Scheme

Contact No.: 91-11-23910295, 20832219

                          E-Mail: suryabansal[at]gmail[dot]com

Name: Dr (Smt) Nupur Roy

Designation: Additional Director

Qualification: MBBS, DPH, DO, WHO Fellowship in opthalmology

Job Responsibility Kala-Azar & Lymphatic Filariasis

Contact No.:91-11-23921068

                          E-Mail: nupur.nvbdcp[at]gmail[dot]com

Name: Dr. Avdhesh Kumar

Designation: Additional Director

Qualification: MBBS, M.D., M.P.H.

Job Responsibility: Malaria  & GFATM Supported Malaria Control Project

                          Contact No.: 91-11-23910296

                         E-Mail :kavdheshnvbdcp[at]gmail[dot]com

Name: Dr. Kalpana Baruah


Qualification : M.Sc., Ph.D.

Job ResponsibilityDengue and Chikungunya, Entomology and Vector Control, IEC/BCC

                          Contact No.:  91-11-23910104

                          E-Mail  : kalpanabaruah[at]gmail[dot]com

Name: Dr. Sunil Vilasrao Gitte

Designation: Joint Director

Qualification : MBBS, M.D (Preventive & Social Medicine), DHA

Job Responsibility: Monitoring and Evaluation, Planning and Coordination, NLEP

                          Contact No.: Tel.No.011-23910109

                          E-Mail : sv.gitte[at]gov[dot]in,

Name:Dr. Chhavi Pant Joshi

Designation: Joint Director

Qualification:MBBS, MD

Job Responsibility : Lymphatic Filariasis and Local Store

                           Contact No.:011-23930267

                          E-Mail: drchhavipantnvbdcp[at]gmail[dot]com

Name:Dr. Naresh Kumar Gill

Designation: Deputy Director

Qualification:MBBS, MD

Job Responsibility : Kala-azar,  Procurement with CMSS & DDT

                          Contact No.:011-23910293 

                          E-Mail: nareshgill.nvbdcp[at]yahoo[dot]com

Name:Shri Pravin Shivraj Rahate

Designation: Research Officer (Chem.)

Qualification:MSc (Chemistry)

Job Responsibility :Central Public Inforamtion Officer under RTI Act, Controller of Transport

                          Contact No.:++91-11 -23921074

                          E-Mail : rahateprakalp[at]gmail[dot]com

Name:Dr Vinod P. Choudhary

Designation: Medical Officer (CHS)

Qualification:MD (Community Medicine), MBBS

Job Responsibility :Malaria division

                          Contact No.:++91-11 -23910105

                          E-Mail : drvinodnvbdcp[at]gmail[dot]com

Amelia Setsy.C, Assistant Director (ISS), NVBDCP Name:Ms Amelia Betsy. C

Designation: Assistant Director (ISS)

Qualification:Post Graduate

Job Responsibility: Planning & Coordination

                          Contact No.:+91-11-23921074

                          E-Mail:  betsy.nvbdcp[at]gmail[dot]com

Name:Shri Deepak Kumar Jain

Designation: Sr. Account Officer


Job Responsibility: Accounts & Budget

                          Contact No.:011-23910287 

                          EMail : ao[dot]nvbdcp[at]gmail[dot]com

Name:Shri Sanjeev Malhotra

Designation: Administrative Officer

Qualification: Post Graduate

Job Responsibility: Administration, Public grievances, Welfare

Contact No.:011- 23927108

                          Email : aoadmn[dot]nvbdcp[at]gmail[dot]com