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State Consultants
Name Post Date of Joining Mobile No. Email ID
Dr. Sakhina Laloo Consultant Public Health 2nd June,2014 Off./0364- 2591210 / Fax. 0364- 2591150/ M.No.9863065412
Larry Kharbamon Consultant M&E 8th July, 2010 9436703839
Isaiah Kharmawphlang Consultant, Social Mob/NGO/PPP/IEC 1st Dec.,2012 9863097760
Cedar David Syngkon Consultant, Procurement and Supply Chain 1st November,2011 8575018106
Aris J Nongkynrih Consultant, Financial Management 8th October,2012 9862040744
Bonnie Malngiang/ Rila Swett Secretarial Asst.(2 Nos.) 1st Nov.,2011/ 1st Dec.,2010 9774228478/ 9612528472 /
Strong P Marbaniang Statistical Assistant 11th October,2011 9774923161
Rila Swett Secretarial Assistant 1st December,2010 96125-28472

District Consultants

Name of Districts

East Garo Hills

East Khasi Hills

Jaintia Hills

Re Bhoi


West Garo Hills

West Khasi Hills